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Award Winning Wine

from our family vineyard in Rhein Hessen

The Angel Inn Loddon is proud to present our family wine to you. Usually only consumed in the vicinity of the Rhineland vineyard, this wine is not normally available to businesses or for export and is certainly not available anywhere else in the UK. Together with Frank’s cousins in Germany, we have fought through reems of red tape to import the wine ourselves. By cutting out the traders and merchants, we are able to offer these exceptionally fine wines - including three regional and three international medal winners - at extraordinary value. Enjoy!


Rhein Hessen is the largest wine growing region in Germany and lies in the state of Rheinland-Pfalz [Rhineland-Palatinate]. To win a regional medal in this state is, therefore, a true accolade.


House Wines - by the glass only

WHITE   Weißer Burgunder [Pinot Blanc]   Our house white is a dry, fruity and versatile classic,   Rs 5

12,5%   125ml ~ £4.80   175ml ~ £5.90   250ml ~ £7.90

ROSÉ   House Rosé [Special blend]   A dry and fruity, Rs 5 Rosé,   Rs 5

12,0%   125ml ~ £4.8   175ml ~ £5.9   250ml ~ £7.9


RED   Schwarzer Geier [Black Vulture]   Our house red is dry with good body,   Rs 6

13,0%   125ml ~ £4.8   175ml ~ £5.9   250ml ~ £7.9

{This wine takes its name from the valley in which the grapes are grown [Vulture’s Dip] and the dark red [almost black] colour of the fruit, hence the emblem on all our bottles.}




Wine by the glass & bottle 

WHITE   Riesling   [Great with food*] Dry with a hint of apple and peach aromas,   Rs 7

12,5%   125ml ~ £5.3   175ml ~ £6.5   250ml ~ £8.7   Bottle (0.75l) ~ £23

  • Gold Medal - Rheinland-Pfalz (see foot-note)

*The slight acidity of this delightful Riesling makes it a perfect pairing for either our charcuterie boards or fish platters alike.


RED   Dornfelder  Flavoursome, fruity and easy-drinking,   Rs 20

 13,0%   125ml ~ £5.0   175ml ~ £6.25   250ml ~8.25   Bottle (0.75l) ~ £22

‘a delightfully delicious evening tipple’ - it’s Jo’s favourite


Wine by the bottle only

WHITE   Sauvignon Blanc Dry, intense exotic fruit aromas, gooseberry, green paprika & blackcurrant, fantastically fresh,   Rs 6

12,5%   Bottle (0.75l) ~ £24.5

  • Gold Medal - International Wine Challenge Vienna 2022

 WHITE   Gelber Muskateller [Muscat blanc à petits grains] Off-dry, unique aroma play between elderberry, nutmeg and lychee, fruity-spice finish,   Rs 17

11,5%   Bottle (0.75l) ~ £23

  • Gold Medal - Rheinland-Pfalz


ROSÉ   Harpyie-Rosé Redcurrant meets raspberry, fascinating composition from the blend of cabernet sauvignon and spätburgunder [pinot noir], delightfully finished due to the vanilla aromas created by the traditional oak barrel conditioning,   Rs 6

13,5%   Bottle (0.75l) ~ £24

  • Gold Medal - Rheinland-Pfalz


RED   Saint Laurent   Dry, sleek, subtle plum scent,   Rs 5

12,5%   Bottle (0.75l) ~ £23.5


RED   Kondor [Superb with Cheese] A stunning wine and the landlord’s top tipple, profoundly dark and compact, red and blackcurrant aromas, balanced tannins, soft velvet finish, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Mitos in perfect harmony!   Rs 2,

13,5%   Bottle (0.75l) ~ £29

  • Silver Medal - International Wine Challenge Vienna 2022



A lightly sparkling and refreshing pleasure ~ eminently drinkable on any occasion!


WHITE   Vejento Turbidum  [Cuveé Weiß] Dry, a delightful, classic blend,   Rs 14

12,5%   Bottle (0.75l) ~ £26


ROSÉ   Vejento Turbidum  [Cuveé Rosé] Off-dry, charming fruitiness,   Rs 18

13,5%   Bottle (0.75l) ~ £26

SEKT – by the bottle only
{Germany's equivalent to Champagne}

SEKT   Gelber Muskateller - Trocken [dry] [Muscat blanc à petits grains] Aromatic, elderberry, lychee, subtle sweetness, Rs 25

12,0%   Bottle (0.75l) ~ £29.5

  • Gold Medal - International Wine Challenge Vienna 2022


SEKT   Riesling Brut Dry, noble pedigree, Rs 10

  • Gold Medal - Rheinland-Pfalz (see foot-note)

 12,5%   Bottle (0.75l) ~ £29.5


SEKT   Pinot Brut Classic, dry, burgundy blend, Rs 10

  12,5%   Bottle (0.75l) ~ £29.5


SEKT   Piccolo Sparkling

 This dry piccolo [small] is perfect if you want to enjoy just a glass, Rs 24

   12,5%   Bottle (0.2l) ~ £8.4

If it's not crafted, it's not here!

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