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The Spirit of Norfolk & Suffolk

On this page you will find:

  • Vermouth & Bitter
  •  Whisky
  •  Gin & Gin Liqueurs
  • Vodka
  • Rum & Rum Liqueurs
  • Port  Liqueur
  • Schnapps


The Angel Inn Loddon has hand selected a range of spirits from small, craft producers around Norfolk and Suffolk. East Anglia is blessed with many such distilleries, so our focus has been on sourcing a premium product from artisans who are skilled at their craft and use the finest raw ingredients. Wherever possible these are locally sourced. In this way, not only will you be supporting local, cottage industries and farmers but, hopefully, you will smell and taste the difference.

 Gone is that harsh, chemical taste and instead, we offer you a smooth and well rounded, full flavoured range of spirits and liqueurs, that can be enjoyed in their pure form or complimented by our range of artisan and organic mixers. Savour the flavour! 

Vermouth & Bitter

Agora Vermouth - Rosso    AV (Arthur Voulgaris) Drinks, Woodbridge, Suffolk

This essential mixer is lovingly made by hand in Suffolk with a blend of dark cherries, rose petals, vanilla, lavender, star anise, cassia bark and black pepper . It’s of such great quality that it can be drunk straight, on the rocks, or in a myriad of cocktails.

16.0 %   25ml ~ £2.5   50ml ~ £4.5   

Agora Bitter    AV (Arthur Voulgaris) Drinks, Woodbridge, Suffolk

This bittersweet companion to the Agora Vermouth contains a delicate balance of blood orange, Suffolk rhubarb, raspberry, gentium root and a touch of sweet spice. Another great one for the cocktails or simply over ice with an orange slice.

16.0 %   25ml ~ £2.5   50ml ~ £4.5 





The English - Original    The English Distillery, Roudham, Norfolk

 This unpeated, single malt whisky is aged to perfection in specially selected Bourbon Casks, resulting in a gentle aroma with hints of vanilla and tropical fruits. Like a soft whipped vanilla ice cream, it melts on the palate. Slightly nutty with a long malty finish that is clean, dry and slightly salty.

43.0 %   25ml ~ £4.5   50ml ~ £8-

The English – Smokey    The English Distillery, Roudham, Norfolk

A peated (45ppm) single malt whisky, with a lovely waft of smoke on the tongue, this an ideal local alternative for the Islay fan. It has a gentle aroma with hints of vanilla, aniseed & ginger. It has a creamy palate, a little peat initially and then the smoke bomb! The finish is long, spicy and smoky.

43.0 %   25ml ~ £4.5   50ml ~ £8-

The English - Original    The English Distillery, Roudham, Norfolk

Wafts of rich dark fruits, almonds and vanilla are followed by a wonderful taste of fruit cake, digestive biscuits, honey and figs with a hint of chocolate; all topped off with a lovely long and sweet finish.

43.0 %   25ml ~ £4.8   50ml ~ £8.6

The Norfolk Nog    The English Distillery, Roudham, Norfolk

Made with award winning, single-malt, Norfolk whisky blended with lashings of cream, the resulting Nog is both light and delicate. Best served on ice or pop a shot in your coffee; this is a drink to be shared with friends...

 19.0 %   25ml ~ £4-   50ml ~ £7-

Gin & Gin Liqueurs

 White Label Gin    Black Shuck Distillery, Fakenham, Norfolk

This gin is strong and yet smooth, traditional and yet contemporary, complex and yet balanced. It has lightly floral notes from Norfolk lavender, followed by warm, sweet, fruity tones from sea buckthorn and bitter orange peel.

Pair with Artisan Classic or Slimline Tonic, garnished with orange.

43.0 %   25ml ~ £4-  50ml ~ £7-

Whirlybird Gin    Black Shuck Distillery, Fakenham, Norfolk

The up-front citrus and blueberry notes are lengthened with traditional juniper, orris root and coriander seeds, all carried home with the warming tones of maple, cassia bark and nutmeg.

Pair with Artisan Classic or Slimline Tonic, garnished with blueberries and lime.

41.0 %   25ml ~ £4-  50ml ~ £7-

Passion Gin    Black Shuck Distillery, Fakenham, Norfolk

Distilled with fifteen botanicals, including passionfruit, grapefruit, lime flower and elderflower, this gin has strength and complexity, delivering a taste sensation to intrigue and excite the palate.

Pair with Artisan Violet Blossom Tonic and garnish with grapefruit and blueberries.

 43.0 %   25ml ~ £4-  50ml ~ £7-

Cacao & Pistachio    Black Shuck Distillery, Fakenham, Norfolk

Distilled with traditional botanicals, including juniper, coriander and angelica, alongside the signature botanicals of cacao and pistachio, results in dark chocolate notes, followed by sweet pistachio and a fresh, zesty finish

43.0 %   25ml ~ £4-  50ml ~ £7-

Mrs Winter's Midwives Dry Gin    Winter's Brewing Company, Norwich, Norfolk

A fusion of some of the finest botanical ingredients, this dry gin contains juniper berries, coriander, cardamom, angelica root, lemon peel, mint and chamomile.

 40.0 %   25ml ~ £4-  50ml ~ £7-

Mrs Winter's Midwives Fruit Gin    Winter's Brewing Company, Norwich, Norfolk

This fruity number is distilled with a fusion of rhubarb, vanilla, juniper berries, coriander, angelica root, lemon peel and nutmeg. 

 40.0 %   25ml ~ £4-  50ml ~ £7-

Mrs Winter's Midwives Tropical Gin    Winter's Brewing Company, Norwich, Norfolk

This gin takes you to an equatorial zone with a fusion of pineapple, orange, mango, juniper berries, coriander, angelica root, lemon peel and nutmeg. 

  40.0 %   25ml ~ £4-  50ml ~ £7-

Norfolk Farmhouse Spiced Gin    Walnut Tree Distillery, Breckland, Norfolk

This gin was started as an idea for Halloween, but it quickly became an all-year-round favourite. Based on Walnut Tree’s dry gin, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, and a little chilli is added. This is a versatile gin with a unique, complex flavour.

It makes an excellent long drink as a traditional G&T or can be served with our Artisan Lemon Tonic with a slice of orange.

40.0 %   25ml ~ £4-  50ml ~ £7-

Norfolk Farmhouse Bramble (Liqueur)    Walnut Tree Distillery, Breckland, Norfolk

Made as a ‘Limited Edition’ at the end of each summer, this rich, full-bodied and fruity liqueur, is produced using award-winning, dry gin and blackberries, hand-picked from the farm's hedgerows by Emma and Graham.

 25.0 %   25ml ~ £4-  50ml ~ £7-

Norfolk Farmhouse Pink    Walnut Tree Distillery, Breckland, Norfolk

A delightful light gin with a touch of raspberry to add a gentle fruit overtone to the fresh Mediterranean herbal notes and warm spices of Walnut Tree’s award-winning dry gin.

Enjoy as a G&T paired with our Artisan Violet Blossom Tonic. It is also the gin of choice to pair with Walnut Tree’s Bramble.

40.0 %   25ml ~ £4-  50ml ~ £7-

Norfolk Farmhouse Summer Cup   Walnut Tree Distillery, Breckland, Norfolk

Made with award winning Norfolk Farmhouse Dry Gin, this refreshing Summer drink is best served with Lemonade, Strawberries, cucumber and a sprig of Norfolk Mint.

23.0 %   25ml ~ £4-  50ml ~ £7-

Norfolk Farmhouse Sloe  (Liqueur)    Walnut Tree Distillery, Breckland, Norfolk

An award-winning gin using Emma's great grandmother's traditional recipe. Small batches are made in milk churns, by soaking handpicked sloes from the farm with a little sugar and a lot of patience to create this rich and fruity gin.

Best served over ice and, whilst traditionally associated with Christmas, this gin also makes a great summer cooler, combined with Artisan Fiery Ginger Beer.

 Sloe You Down!

[Bronze, World Gin Awards ‘22]

25.0 %   25ml ~ £4-  50ml ~ £7-

Archangel Gin    Archangel Distilleries, Fakenham, Norfolk

TAn award-winning classic, bursting with rich, full-bodied and sophisticated flavours. Containing thirteen botanicals including Norfolk juniper, sea buckthorn and verbena, the nose is complex and the length on the palate is vast!

Perfect for the traditional gin and tonic with a slice of orange.

45.0 %   25ml ~ £4-  50ml ~ £7-

Archangel Rhubarb Gin (Liqueur)    Archangel Distilleries, Fakenham, Norfolk

Steeped in Norfolk rhubarb and twice filtered, this gin captures all the natural aromas with no added colouring to distract. Each batch is unique, as the flavour profile of the rhubarb develops over the summer. 

Drink cold from the fridge with ginger ale for or combine with our party wine to make a rhubarb royale.

25.0 %   25ml ~ £4-  50ml ~ £7-

Home Farm Strawberry & Mint Gin   Home Farm Gin, Hethersett, Norfolk

An artisan gin, distilled in small batches with 8 exotic botanicals, fresh strawberries & mint. Made with Norfolk water harvested on the farm from the aquifer rocks around 20m deep beneath the surface, filtered, purified and ready for distillation.

Drink cold from the fridge with ginger ale for or combine with our party wine to make a rhubarb royale.

40.0 %   25ml ~ £4-  50ml ~ £7-

Gin is made by flavouring a primary spirit (usually vodka) with botanicals (plant based flavourings). This primary spirit could be made from almost anything containing starch (such as potatoes, maize or corn) that can be turned into sugars and then fermented to form alcohol before being distilled. We select distilleries based not only on the quality and provenance of their botanicals, but on the source of their primary spirit, preferring those that use quality grain grown in the UK.

The base spirit should be made from grain produced in the UK. Whilst our rum is originally produced with sugar from the Caribbean, it is re-distilled and barrel matured in North Norfolk.


Vodka    Black Shuck Distillery, Fakenham, Norfolk

 Distilled with Norfolk sugar beet, our house vodka is super, with sweet, vanilla tones.

Try with Karma Organic Lemony lemonade or Artisan Barrel Smoked Cola.

 43.0 %   25ml ~ £4-   50ml ~ £7-

Sea Salted Vodka    Gyre & Gimble Bar & Distillery, Norwich,  Norfolk

Filtered through activated carbon, our sea salted vodka has a smooth characteristic with a clean finish, perfectly designed to enhance your taste buds.

40.0 %   25ml ~ £4.5   50ml ~ £8-

RUM & RUM Liqueurs

Dark Rum    Black Shuck Distillery, Fakenham, Norfolk

This is The Angel Inn Loddon’s house rum, which is being further barrel matured in the bar. Its rich velvety mocha notes complement the traditional molasses flavours.

Delectable over ice and sublime when paired with Artisan Smoked Cola.

40.0 %   25ml ~ £4-  50ml ~ £7-

White Rum    Black Shuck Distillery, Fakenham, Norfolk

Originally distilled in the Caribbean and then redistilled with botanicals at the Norfolk distillery, this rum has a creamy finish.

Best served over ice, garnished with a lime wedge or it can be drunk long with Karma Organic Cola.

40.0 %   25ml ~ £4-  50ml ~ £7-

Spiced Rum    Black Shuck Distillery, Fakenham, Norfolk

A smooth rum, which comes to life with warm spicy notes of cinnamon and ginger, softened by rich tones of caramel and vanilla, with a subtle citrus finish.

We recommend served over ice with Artisan Fiery Ginger and a slice of orange to garnish.

40.0 %   25ml ~ £4-  50ml ~ £7-

Norfolk Rum - Coffee Liqueur    The Norfolk Spirit Co., Fakenham, Norfolk

Punchy and aromatic coffee beans, expertly roasted in Norwich with notes of chocolate, hazelnut, and praline.

25.0 %   25ml ~ £4-  50ml ~ £7-

Norfolk Rum - Coconut Liqueur    The Norfolk Spirit Co., Fakenham, Norfolk

An intense, exotic liqueur, using premium rum and creamy coconut with a hint of pineapple

25.0 %   25ml ~ £4-  50ml ~ £7-

Sisserou Rum & Coconut Cream Liqueur    Sisserou Marketing Ltd, Norwich, Norfolk

A delicious blend or rum coconut and cream. Over ice, in cocktails and coffee

19.0 %   25ml ~ £4-  50ml ~ £7-

Norfolk Rum is made from a selection of the finest botanicals and Norfolk spring water striving to create a uniquely Norfolk take on a Caribbean classic. Featuring 100% pure molasses to provide a smooth, sippable rum.

Port Liqueur

Damson Port Liqueur    Black Shuck Distillery, Fakenham, Norfolk

A delightfully dark Damson Port Liqueur lovingly made with handpicked Norfolk Damsons steeped in superior quality Port with a hint of Brandy.

Enjoy neat over ice or pair with Lemony Lemonade

15.0 %   25ml ~ £4-  50ml ~ £7-


Black Shuck Distillery, Fakenham, Norfolk

20.0 %   25ml ~ £4-  50ml ~ £7

Choose from four delicious flavours:

  • Passion fruit & Lime
  • Banana & Toffee
  • Strawberry & Lime
  • Pineapple & Coconut

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