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In The Angel Alphabet  F is for Fun

No screens here - we believe in active participation. From traditional board and pub games to just having a laugh...

We hope we have something for everyone including the littlest - but let us know if there's something missing.

  • Traditional Board Games
  • Pub Games
  • Quizzes
  • Puzzles
  • Children's Toys
  • Frank's Bar Challenge

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Traditional Board Games

We have a large selection of traditional board games - some will already be out, others will be held behind the bar.

All we ask is not to lose the pieces!


Possibly the King or Queen of Board games.

Chess is an abstract strategy game that involves no hidden information and no elements of chance. 

No player too young!

Play on the pub's board or bring your own.


English Draughts

Another traditional game where no luck is involved.

Our board is  8 x 8 squares for local play (traditional English game), but  please feel free to bring your own 10 x 10 board (for the Polish or International game).

Other Traditional Board Games

Please ask for any of the games below:

Nine Men's Morris

Famous for being popular in Tudor times, Nine Men's Morris or ‘Merels’ dates back to at least Roman times. Each player has nine playing pieces. Players try to form 'mills'—three of their own pieces lined horizontally or vertically, allowing a player to remove an opponent's player from the game. Ask for an explanation of the full rules.

Snakes & Ladders

Play on our lovely hand made wooden version of the classic game of snakes and ladders, a strategy board game for two to four players, in which the players race their playing piece from start to finish according to the rolls of a single die. This is a pure game of luck, so no temper tantrums please!


As with snakes & ladders, we have a lovely hand made wooden version of the classic game of Ludo. a strategy board game for two to four players, in which the players race their four tokens from start to finish according to the rolls of a single die.

Pub Games

Hone your skills at the Angel Inn Loddon with our selection of indoor and out door pub games. 


301/501 down, round the clock, killer or Shanghai ~ you choose

All we ask is to follow our simple rules:
  • Only play when it is safe to do so
  • Try not to hit the wall too often
  • Look after the pub darts or bring your own
  • Have fun!


Crib, rummy, solitaire, bridge, contract bridge- the list is endless.

Please ask if you would like to borrow a pack of cards or the crib board, made by Steve Bishop (pictured centre RIP), and donated to The Angel Inn.


Ask for our hand-crafted, leather cup and dice.

The list of pub dice games is endless but our favourite is:

  • Mäxchen


 Hammerschlagen (also called Stump or Nageln) is a traditional pub game that originates in the Bavarian Alps.

Have fun with your mates and raise money for the Angel Inn Loddon’s chosen charity. [For each nail we request a £1 donation to the Rotary Action Group Against Slavery.] There are various ways of playing the game (ask at the bar) but the looser usually ends up buying a round of schnapps - we have four delicious flavours from Black Shuck Distillery in Fakenham, Norfolk.

For more spirits click below:

Children (and Adults!) must be supervised by a responsible grown up.


Can be played inside or outside - we have two sizes.
Follow the traditional rules or make up your own

~ or simply use the blocks to build or play!

Four More 
of our 
Favourite Bar Games

  1. Pass the Pigs
  2. Ibble Dibble
  3. Frogs
  4. Spoof
  5. Fuzzy Duck

Pass the Pigs

Ask at the bar for our set of pigs and score cards.

Here are a few reminders:

Ibble Dibble [Ask at the bar for an Ibble Dibble.]

"I Ibble Dibble number 3, with one Ibble Dibble, pass this Ibble Dibble to Ibble Dibble number three with no Ibble Dibbles."

[This is an example only - change numbers to suit your positions and number of Ibble Dibbles ~ Don't forget to say "thank you" when passed the Ibble Dibble!]

Frogs [No frogs required.]

  • To my left (or right), one frog
  • Two eyes
  • Four legs
  • In the pond
  • Plop
  • Two frogs
  • Four eyes...

[When you get to more than one frog, consecutive people say "in the pond", "in the pond", "plop", "plop" (so that's four turns involved for two frogs) -  try to get higher that three frogs!]

Spoof [All you need are three coins, or counters, each.]

Whose going to buy the next round?

Simply guess the total number of coins held. Last person in buys!

Fuzzy Duck [No ducks required.]

To my left (or right) Fuzzy Duck (or Ducky Fuzz) - continue in same direction repeating what previous person has said until someone says "Does He" (pronounced duzzy), then play goes in the opposite direction and changes from Fuzzy Duck to Ducky Fuzz (or vice versa).

It's really that simple!

Pub Quizzes

Whilst you're waiting for you meal to be cooked to order, why not challenge yourself or each other with one of the following?

Movie Buff

80s Pop Trivia

The UK

Brain Teasers


Ask at the bar for our collection of pub puzzles... 

...or you're welcome to bring your own.

Toys & Play

We have a wide selection of toys and children have a great imagination!




Frank's Bar Challenge

You should know better... 

...but you have to have a go!

This is a physically demanding challenge ~ do not attempt if pregnant or if you have a heart condition.

Risk of:

  • splinters
  • grazes
  • falls onto hard surfaces

Compete at own risk.

Current under 50s record held by Archie from Norwich ~ three times round in one attempt

Current over 50s record held by Frank ~ once round in each of three separate attempts

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